EP Review: Nebula by V/Haze Miasma (Supreme Chaos Records)

German post black metal band, V/Haze Miasma (VHM) will release their brand new EP titled Nebula on the 8th January 2022 via Supreme Chaos Records. Nebula is is the consequent follow-up to the full-length album “agenda:endure” released back in 2020. It constitutes the transition to the upcoming long-player, already being formed right now. Nebula consists of two brand-new Miasma tracks plus a hymn like piano version of the song Hubris from “agenda:endure”. While Nebula acts as a bridge leading towards the band’s next full length, fans can feel safe in that this is still V/Haze Miasma who remain unanimously raw, uncompromising, brutal, and beautiful.

V/Haze Miasma means musical freedom but diving deep into emotions and the abyss of human soul. It´s a beast not to be dislodged, somewhere between progressive, post and black metal. Supporters of bands like Solstafir, Long Distance Calling, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Ghost Brigade or Swallow the Sun should take a chance on this wayfare!

V/Haze Miasma are a 4 piece who go under the stage names Atmosphere, Wisdom, Shine and Roar.

V/Haze Miasma - Nebula LineUp

When the soils are sere, when the plague is near – will there be time left for sobriety?

Nebula is a three track EP that really does showcase the expansive soundscape V/Haze Miasma manage to conjure up. The opening track, Nebula, comes in at just under 4 minutes long. Yep, post anything and it is less than 4 minutes so that was a surprise. They don’t half make use of their runtime though, building atmosphere with purpose. The scene gets set to the morose tones of guitars with more layers and melodies joining in, along with the occasional scream. I found myself quickly hypnotised and transported to their world with time no longer passing as it should. A chunky guitar riff breaks my meditation, shaking me to life as the drums pound out a meaty , steady rhythm, the bass tears through and the guitars hit with force.

As is so often with the post scene, the transitions become absolutely critical and the smooth move from this heavier style back to the cleaner, melancholic melody is perfection. The song fades to a close leaving me wistfully feeling like I have taken the first steps on a journey towards an unknown destination.

Hypocrite!…Another Vicious Grimace starts off and moves me another few steps forward on the journey which will reach it’s climax when the new album drops. A longer, plus 7 minute track allows the band to exercise even more creative muscle. A moody, deep melody leads us in. It builds gently but almost instantly applies emotional weight. The repetitive picking noise applies hypnotic repetition before a slight switch in guitar tone offers a sense of foreboding. That feeling comes to life in an explosion of impactful music. Meaty drums, powerful riffing and atmospheric melody combine with multi toned vocals that absolutely slay.

They are jam packed with passion and fire, roaring out every ounce of feeling contained within their being. A transition into an even heavier section sees the drummer up his tempo considerably. The chorus brings in some clean vocals to add another layer to this impressive sound. Wow. There is a lot happening here but it works and is intensely effective. As much as I love this song though, it is on multiple listens where it really pays off as you seem to keep uncovering more and more elements with each go round. Like a game of pass the parcel but with a good prize.

So Nebula reaches the climax of it’s proper journey (until we get that new music) but the EP still has a special treat for fans with a gorgeous piano/vocal version of the song Hubris from the album “agenda:endure”. On this EP, titled Hubris Redux, I don’t really know the original very well so am not sure I got the payoff a more dedicated fan of the original song will have.

What I can tell you is that it is absolutely gorgeous. Having almost folk quality through it’s style, it is immensely different to the fiery original but has it’s own magic. The vocals, all clean but with moments of gang vocals are superb and the melody is beautiful. I love it – it feels a bit fantastical, almost like it could be in something like The Witcher, and still contains the special atmosphere and transporting wizardry of the previous two songs and shows the immense talent within V/Haze Miasma.

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Clearly a band to watch out for and one that should have been, and is now, firmly on my radar, V/Haze Miasma are armed to the teeth with talent and creativity creating a glorious soundscape to lose yourself in that perfectly balances the heaviness with the melancholic beauty the genre is so well known for. Make no mistake about it, this band are leaders in the atmospheric, post metal scene.

Nebula is out on the 7th of January via Supreme Chaos Records so don’t miss out on an absolutely stunning piece of art.

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Nebula by V/Haze Miasma (Supreme Chaos Records)
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