EP Review: My Wooden Pillow – Hidden (Self Released)

My Wood Pillow (MWP) metal band created in 2009 by guitarist/composer Hassan Alemdar and they started playing live in 2010. The line up consisted of Hassan on guitars, Patrick on bass, Dion on drums and Fergus on vocals, later replaced by Michelle.

The band played countless shows in and around Manchester before they released a demo in 2011 and in 2012 won the regional Metal to the Masses and appeared at Bloodstock festival that year.

In 2013 Chris took over the drums and the following year they released the EP ‘uncomfortable.

In his own words, Hassan stated about the EP:

I refuse to be pigeonholed in a certain musical genre or style for the sake of it, and I never will. I admit that MWP`s sound is Heavy but that’s it, the rest is all rock & roll to me.

2018 found MWP with a new line up now with Kamila on vocals and Luke on guitar both from the groove metallers Awaker. Tom on drums, also a member of the prog metal virtuosos Konom and David on bass, from the rock/funk/rappers Publik Sektor.


Released in April 2019, ‘Hidden’ is the new MWP EP, produced by Ivan Panferov of Anthopocide studios.

Whilst the new material maintains the sound and attitude of MWP, it`s a clear indication of their arrival into a more mature era for the band.



Trying to grasp just what My Wooden Pillow sound like is no straightforward task. On the one hand they’re very metal. Slipping into thrashier territory while also having sharp flashes of death while also showcasing melody, particularly within the vocals. We get plenty of this on the opening track of the EP, Vein of Affliction.

The stop-start rhythm, chorus clean vocals and ferocious flashes of intensity impress in the wide eye variety. Revolution of Tears then introduces a little more groove to the metal proceedings. Far more energy driven while being impressively catchy with some exciting back and forth with the varied vocal styles.

No time to take that in though as Natures Sin’s riffs comes thick and fast although I’m not 100% sold on the brief infusion of rap. It’s then followed up with the most aggressive sounding track of the EP so far. The title track just sounds so meaty, from the drumming to the hooks, it’s a deep digging track. The vocals are so on point here too, shoring up the beat and guaranteeing this to be the track most will remember.

Finally, it’s a psychotic drum effort and fiery ballistic riff shower in the form of Collateral Damage to close out the EP.

My Wooden Pillow will certainly turn some heads with an EP of ideas, mixed together to create something that looks great and tastes even better.


My Wooden Pillow – Hidden Full Track Listing:

1. Vein of Affliction
2. Revolution of Tears
3. Natures Sin
4. Hidden
5. Collateral Damage


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My Wooden Pillow - Hidden (Self Released)
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