EP Review: My Own Treachery – In Spite (Self Released)

My Own Treachery is solo metalcore project from New Zealand that released the EP ‘In Spite’ at the start of March 2021.


Four welcoming slabs of metalcore with heart and soul, My Own Treachery makes an impression. Especially when you take into account that it’s a solo project. That alone is very impressive. That it’s a solid listen with a handful of guests to add more meat to the bones is even more impressive.

Choppy riffing, jagged groove and vocals that spit blood one moment then touch the soul in soaring ways the next. That’s 7 Over 4 with guest Dene Patton. Randy Pasquarella pops along to turn the title track into an even meatier sounding effort. A metalcore track with guttural vocal lows and grandiose highs. The chunky riffs work so well with the feeling of being lifted up thanks to clever melody and this proves to be one of the EP’s highlights.



Melody that welcomes Fallen, before a more frantic combination of metal groove and heaviness takes over. The melodies are still there, they make up a major part of the track structure but the peppier metal pace is what really stands out.

Which brings the EP to Fallen, Pt. 2. A very melancholic instrumental closer that puts the guitar talents at the forefront. A very classy and heartfelt finish.

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In Spite is a polished effort. One that showcases the talent in My Own Treachery while not steering too far away from the ‘core’ metalcore sound.

My Own Treachery – In Spite Full Track Listing:

1. 7 Over 4 (feat. Dene Patton)
2. In Spite (feat. Randy Pasquarella of If I Were You)
3. Fallen (feat. Paul Stewart)
4. Fallen, Pt. 2


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My Own Treachery - In Spite (Self Released)
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