EP Review: Maven – Am I Awake? (Self Released)

Although Brit Alt-rock outfit Maven began back in 2013, the quintet have suffered a series of personnel changes, which has restricted their trajectory. However, now with a fully stable line-up and revitalised sound, the tuneful Londoners are primed to break out to the masses. A slew of live shows with everyone from Crazy Town, Elliot Minor, The Feeling, Dream State, and Normandie to Deaf Havana, has increased the band’s stock, and so too have recent compelling headline shows. The band’s last EP, Closed Doors, Open Minds, picked up powerful underground support and traction, adding to their growing stature.

Now Maven release their new EP, Am I Awake? out on Friday 6th December 2019.

Very much on the melody driven side of alt-rock, Maven’s driving force is the sultry and powerful vocal performance. It’s what dominates as the emotional vibes pour from the title track, lifted by a more powerful sounding chorus that would guarantee this getting plenty of radio play.

Yes, it’s safe alt-rock but Maven aren’t really trying to be anything too different here. Their focused rock riffs, melodic lows, powerful vocals and bouncy rhythms help Stronger Than You and Heart/Time stand out that little more.

The best track of the bunch is probably the last track, Am I Alive? The pop-rock bounce filled with energy and fire. Although it is well blended with softer groove.

It’s a decent EP but it would be a lie to say it’s going to interest too many non-Maven fans. A bit lacking in excitement overall.

Maven – Am I Awake? Full Track Listing:

1. Am I Awake?
2. Stronger Than You
3. Heart/Time
4. Am I Alive?


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Maven - Am I Awake? (Self Released)
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