EP Review: Märvel – Märvellous (The Sign Records)

Swedish rockers Märvel are set to release their new EP ‘Märvellous’ via The Sign Records on January 24th 2020. Four hard hitting action tracks taken from the band’s lost debut (2002), now re-recorded and set for global distribution on 7″ and digital format!

Märvel are not resting on their laurels. The band tells the story in their own words:

You know the story… and if you don’t, here it comes! Marvel was formed in 2002 when three guys from Åtvidaberg enjoyed rocking and rolling more than studying during their high school exchange year in Colorado – but have you ever heard the songs from our debut EP? No – not until today you haven’t! We got picked up by the US indie label “New York Powerhitters” and recorded “Marvellous” in the US. Before the release of the 4 track EP we parted ways with the label and moved back to Sweden. The label promised that copies would be sent to us and that we also would get the master tapes. That never happened and we never heard from the label again. For years we tried to get a hold of the tapes to be able to re-release the songs or at least get a listening copy. Sadly, after being acquired and moved multiple times by different labels (and according to hearsay) the tapes were destroyed in the Universal Studios fire in 2008. Even though we re-recorded “A Taste of Platinum” for our debut album “Five Smell City” in 2005 we’ve always felt that it was a shame that people never got to hear the songs that kicked off our career. So to celebrate our roots we’ve re-recorded all of the songs! We haven’t tried to make it sound like the originals did but instead we wanted to play, produce and record the songs as good as we possibly could. It was Marvellous – now it’s Märvellous – we hope you löve it!

© Bengt Persson www.bengtsterdesign.se

Definitely one for the fans, Märvel’s return to the past isn’t the worst idea thanks to the fact these are unheard songs. A very early version of the band they have become but not a million miles away from their traditional rock sound either. We would know, we’ve reviewed a couple of their release so far (The Hills Have Eyes and At the Sunshine Factory).

What we have here are four good tracks from Märvel‘s early days. Each one bringing bundles of good time old-school rock energy, catchy choruses, foot-tapping melodies and much more. It’s great that the band have been able to release them finally making this EP a required collection item for fans. Simply put, it’s a Märvellous release.

Märvel – Märvellous Full Track Listing:

1. Amaze-O
2. Marvellous
3. Public School 75
4. A Taste Of Platinum


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Märvel - Märvellous (The Sign Records)
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