EP Review: Liotta Seoul – Cool (Krod Records)

German alternative rock / grunge band Liotta Seoul will release their brand-new EP ‘Cool’ on the 1st October 2021 via Krod Records.

An infectious listen. Powerdrill gets the head nodding and foot tapping with impressive ease. The vocals are relaxed but the guitars add some serious oomph, especially when it hits the chorus. A bit more passion in the last portion shows just how catchy this band can be.

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A nice start, Like Me has a darker theme but dresses it up with an acoustic twang, mellow tone and short burst of heavier rock. Another memorable offering. Though the following David Blaine (a metaphor for trying to be the very best at something) is arguably the EP’s finest track. Simply by being extraordinarily catchy. A singalong, a dance-along, a move your head-along… it’s going to cause some spasms in everyone who hears it.

Ending with the longest and most melodramatic track of the bunch, a track that has emotion running through it but is also undoubtably a rock banger. Liotta Seoul capping off their catchy as hell EP with another that will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Liotta Seoul – Cool Full Track Listing:

1. Powerdrill
2. Like Me
3. David Blaine
4. Airplane


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Liotta Seoul – Cool (Krod Records)
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