EP Review: Lifvsleda – Manifest MMXIX (Shadow Records/Regain Records)

Lifvsleda was spawned into earthly existence with the aim to re-capture the old feeling of early Nordic Black metal, a scene the members, in one way or another and in various constellations, have been involved with since its glorious beginning.

With a strong fascination for death, and the magic of memento mori they summon the spirits of old. Recorded on broken instruments, literally out in the wild, surrounded by the Swedish woods and a creeping darkness. You can feel the murky stench and presence of something great that once was. Black Metal is reborn.

Manifest MMXIX will be released on December 13th 2019 via Shadow Records and Regain Records.

A showcase of old-school black metal, Lifvsleda’s 4 track EP is chaos, hate and horror all rolled into one. The four tracks more akin to four parts of a bloody and flesh-crawling ritual.

From the start to the very end, Manifest MMXIX drips in vileness. The guitars low and buzzing like flies over a rotting corpse. The drums bashed out with all the furore of a demonic entity looking to drive a stake through the skull of those who listen. While the vocals are confounding in their ability to scratch and claw through the soft brain matter. Combine it all and we have Lifvsleda, a black metal unit in every conceivable sense.

Old-school black metal fans are in for a treat here.

Lifvsleda – Manifest MMXIX Full Track Listing:

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV





Lifvsleda - Manifest MMXIX (Shadow Records/Regain Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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