EP Review: Kairos. – Fission Spectrum (Independent)

Opening song Severance promises a lot with its guitar solo intro but it really doesn’t prepare you for the assault that follows it. Slipping seamlessly into death metal but with the guitar front & centre. The mix of different vocal styles can be a bit difficult to contend with but the beat-heavy music really takes the song up a notch. There is some really fantastic music on display here especially when it slows things down for just a moment before dropping a devastatingly heavy riff that brings the whole song back together.

The disjointed style could sound messy but other than the clean vocal moments it is perfectly executed. The intense heaviness of KRS-NA shows off just as many twists & turns creating an environment that begs for some circling pitting. It’s chaotic brilliance something that isn’t present with the uplifting intro of The Mountain. It’s opening avails all concerns regarding the clean vocals as they absolutely soar here backed up with some incredible guitar-play.

When the death metal style does return it actually isn’t as welcome thanks to that intro. What follows is pretty incredible though, the smash-mouth style like a bludgeon to the head but dropping a lovely melodic moment in too.

Finishing things off, Dreamscape Eternal’s brutal assault mixed with a more sombre middle doesn’t stand as tall as the rest. It wraps itself around your brain though with its guitar work, only let down by the sub-standard clean vocal moments. They just don’t sit comfortably here.

It’s an EP with loads to love, it has some fantastic moments built into songs that are definitely offering more than most bands within the death metal genre.

Overall Tracklisting:

1. Severance
3. The Mountain
4. Dreamscape Eternal

The EP is available to buy now & you can get it through the bands website. You can check out the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. If you want to hear a bit more of their music you can check out the bands YouTube channel.

We would like to thank Kairos. and Nü Echo Media for providing us with a copy of the EP for review purposes.


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Kairos. - Fission Spectrum (Independent)
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