EP Review: Jumpscare – Sowing Storms (Volcano Records)

Jumpscare are an alternative metal band based in Naples (Italy). Sowing Storms is their debut EP released in June 2017 via Volcano Records.

Jumpscare 2

My Purifying Day’s crashing drums & building riff leads to a crescendo of thrashy metal with vocals that have a bit of early Hetfield mixed with flashes of a cleaner sound. The heavy beat drives the track on nicely with a smattering of melody & killer sounding breakdown adding a chaotic undertone.

An impressive opener that has the rawness of a garage band but far less production issues.

Following up that breathless start, The Climb has much deeper rhythm that’s weighted towards the bass & drums. That doesn’t stop it being an incredibly catchy & exciting tune especially when the vocals take on a more hardcore edge. The screeching has such power behind it, it really is startling stuff.

The three track EP comes to an end with the bone-crunching heaviness of the title track. Confirmation that Jumpscare have a hell of a lot of energy & talent. It’s easy to picture this music played in a live environment with a legion of fans going absolutely mental to the breakdowns.

Jumpscare 1

Jumpscare – Sowing Storms Full Track Listing:

1. My Purifying Day
2. The Climb
3. Sowing Storms (The Day Of Your Dark Decay)

You can pick up the EP over on Bandcamp & also check it out via Spoitfy and Apple Music below. Find out more about Jumpscare via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jumpscare - Sowing Storms (Volcano Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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