EP Review: Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – Rising (Majestic Mountain Records)

Four years following the release of their critically lauded third album, ‘Lücifer,’ the Swedish death ’n’ roll infernal machine known as Jesus Chrüsler Supercar are back with a 4-track EP titled ‘Rising’. Out on June 9th, 2023 via Majestic Mountain Records.

A hectic, heavy, and groovy blast of death ‘n’ roll, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar make their grand return with a grin-inducing 4-track EP. Where head-banging is as encouraged as dancing, especially when it begins with such sleazy rhythm as found on the opening statement, God Hates Us All. You’ll move, by God, you’ll move to this beast of a track.

Suck in the Dust follows that with plenty more filthy sounding groove, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar sounding particularly raw here, but with a Southern rock guitar tinge. Before they get a little weird, and just as sleazy sounding, with When You Are Dead. It’s those damn riffs, you’ll melt upon hearing them.

Finally, it’s The Killer and it’s an apt title as Jesus Chrüsler Supercar absolutely ‘kill’ it when it comes to delivering frenetic punky energy and body-shaking groove. It’s just another hit on an EP that is wall to wall hits.

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Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – Rising Track Listing:

1. God Hates Us All
2. Suck In the Dust
3. When You Are Dead
4. The Killer


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Jesus Chrüsler Supercar - Rising (Majestic Mountain Records)
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