EP Review: InDevth – Drowning (Self Released)

On March 15th, 2024, the ever-relentless metalcore band InDevth will release their brand-new EP, ‘Drowning’. An EP that deals with mental anguish, hopelessness and feelings born out of the grit and grime of a bleak modern Britain.

A new era begins, the era of InDevth. You might know them better as Dreameater, but as they boldly move into the future, the name of InDevth is all anyone will be thinking about.

This is more than just a name change, it’s a revitalised and refocused band. Where an EP leaves you begging for more. Where five tracks showcase so much, that each can rightfully be called a modern metal classic. InDevth’s form and creativity is truly special, but you already know that, thanks to the slew of singles that have come from this release already.

One such single, and a favourite for many, is the opening track, Nothing Matters. Do you like heaviness? Do you like filthy sounding darkness? A track that sees InDevth not holding back in the slightest? This track delivers all of this, and so much more. InDevth have found a new level of violent rawness that beggar’s belief and it’s simply fantastic.

The bar might be set, but it’s a bar that InDevth grab and smash over all our heads with the frenzied Nails. If you want something that demands you smash the absolute shit out of everyone and everything around you, this is the one. Though, be under no false impressions, the EP isn’t getting any softer as along comes Lurk and we get blistering and brutish heaviness that sits on the more devastating side of metalcore. A track that will leave you feeling breathless, especially once the breakdown hits.

Closer comes next and the manic instrumentation, when paired with vocals that can strip flesh from bones, is as horrifying as it is exciting. Music this violent and intense shouldn’t be so lovable, but InDevth just have a way about them. Which is why it’s sad to find the EP coming to an end already. It literally flies by, but there’s no dip in quality as the title track smashes and crashes its way through the brain matter for a finish that is pure explosive intensity.

An outstanding release from a band with such a bright future. Get on board, this train is about to take off.

As well as releasing the new EP, Indevth will also play two special headline shows to celebrate the release. The first will take place on the 18th April in London at The Black Heart and second will be on the 19th April in Southampton at Heartbreakers.

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InDevth – Drowning Track Listing:

1. Nothing Left
2. Nails
3. Lurk
4. Closer
5. Drowning


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InDevth – Drowning (Self Released)
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