EP Review: Imperium – Imperium (Self Released)

Hailing from South-West London, Imperium are an ambitious 5-piece heavy metal band. Ahead of their performance on the New Blood stage at this year’s Bloodstock festival, the band will release their debut self-titled EP on August 6th, 2022.

August 2022 is a very important month for Imperium. Not only are they gracing the hallowed grounds of Bloodstock with their presence. They are also dropping this banger of an EP. A head-banging heavyweight metal release that combines elements of thrash and groove to create a frantic and infectious brand of heaviness.

It’s a blistering start to get things going. Here Comes the Night showcasing killer riffs, heavy groove, and a ton of energy. This track is going to slay in the pit. Although the meaty sound of Ragnarök won’t do too badly either. Imperium really flexing their guitar-based muscles before unleashing a cacophony of head-banging noise. Absolutely kick-ass stuff.

It’s time for something momentous though with The Passing. A track that slightly passes the eight-minute mark and features melodic touches, elements of atmosphere and a whole array of heavy metal heaviness. A slow burn track, it’s a much more measured approach for Imperium which ends up making the whole package feel quite grand.

It’s a tough ask to follow that so what do Imperium do? Go all out with a thrashy, groovy and fast number. Deceived is all kinds of chunky gold. Where the rhythm sounds downright dangerous and infectious. The only cure is to go as neck-breaking wild as possible.

Imperium – Imperium Full Track Listing:

1. Here Comes the Night
2. Ragnarök
3. The Passing
4. Deceived


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Imperium - Imperium (Self Released)
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