EP Review: Huxley – Huxley (Self Released)

Hard rock is nothing without swaggering bravado, and Huxley have it in spades. The New Jersey natives ooze a sense of self-confidence on their debut EP. This is not their first rodeo, though the band has transformed themselves from the previous guise of Endless Sacrifice, where for 10 years they played infectious metalcore. Feeling that a shake-up was necessary, they brought that project to an end with a highly successful farewell show,and changed a few members before starting up Huxley earlier this year.

Huxley’s self titled EP will be released on December 13th 2019.

The strength in Huxley lies in two things. One is the hard rocking catchiness of their groove and the other is the gritty but clean singing. Combine the two and we have a hard rock band that will certainly turn a few heads. Infectious opener Evol alone will surely see some mainstream radio play!

Then their is the powerhouse that is If I Ruled the World which sees Huxley draw from the well of their past with a heavier sound. Before it’s all about the infectious riffing of Regression and the punchy as hell groove of Girl Thang. The vibes of the likes of Stone Sour and Stone Temple Pilots are very strong in this one.

What is sure to be a crowd-pleasing release ends on a powerful sing-along that initially seems as though it’s going to be a ballad. However, as has been the case throughout it sees Huxley exude confident power.

Huxley – Huxley Full Track Listing:

1. Evol
2. If I Ruled the World
3. Regression
4. Girl Thang
5. We Are


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Huxley - Huxley (Self Released)
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