EP Review: Heretical Sect – Heretical Sect (Redefining Darkness Records/Caligari Records/Vendetta Records)

Heretical Sect is a reclusive collective fixated on the physical and spiritual genocides of the Southwest. The band features members of other prominent Santa Fe (NM) bands, yet the members remain hooded and anonymous. Although the band rarely appears live, it is a primary conceptual entity for its members. May all life learn to die.

The self-titled debut EP is out on March 1st 2019 via Redefining Darkness Records, Vendetta Records (Vinyl) and Caligari Records (Cassette).



Playing a crude style of blackened doom and death, Heretical Sect might be a bit of a mystery but their music certainly isn’t. There’s a feeling of familiarity to the EP, from the sharper riffs to the slow doomy moments and repellent sounding vocals.

That doesn’t mean its a bad EP, far from it. In fact the slow march of doom-infused bleakness on Visceral Divination is down-right appealing. The same goes for Plateau of Stars except here we get these brief infusions of pace that showcase the power in Heretical Sect’s sound.

Some how Punish the Christ then takes things down to even a lower level. The whispered vocals wail and the guitars resonate loudly throughout the body. It’s the most evil sounding track on the album laying down the gauntlet for Swat Wreathed Flames to come out and meet it. Which it does in terrifying fashion.

If you’re looking for some music to haunt your dreams then Heretical Sect have delivered.

Heretical Sect 1

Heretical Sect – Heretical Sect Full Track Listing:

1. Visceral Divination
2. Plateau of Stars
3. Punish the Christ
4. Swar Wreathed Flames

The EP can be ordered digitally and on CD via Redefining Records here. On vinyl via Vendetta Records here and on cassette via Caligari Records here.


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Heretical Sect - Heretical Sect (Redefining Darkness Records/Caligari Records/Vendetta Records)
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