EP Review: Hee Hee Shamone – 4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U In The Face (Self Released)

From the makers of blockbusters such as Shinigami, Grasmoajer, Silicon Head, Pleurisy and Doghouse Gallows, comes Hee Hee Shamone. The sound of the King of Pop turning over in his grave and slapping you in the face. Heal the world, make it a badder place. The debut EP ‘4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U in the Face’ drops on January 13th, 2023!

So, what’s this all about? Is Hee Hee Shamone a comedy band? A cover’s band? Or just superfans of Michael Jackson? The answer can be found by checking out 4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U in the Face, where Hee Hee Shamone reveal that they come from the house of groove metal and rock. Tinged with hardcore energy and intensity. Blending fast-paced heaviness with groove highs and snarky in-your-face aggression.



It’s a solid combination and this debut EP has four varied examples of what Hee Hee Shamone are all about. Yet, even knowing all of that, they have plenty of surprises in store for listeners. Their unique makeup means hearing a bit of funk and radio rock, getting a banging chorus or two, and experiencing wild and uncouth moments, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

The name of the band and the name of the EP will get the attention, but what will keep people sticking around is the music. Hee Hee Shamone are no joke.

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Hee Hee Shamone - 4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U In The Face (Self Released)
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