EP Review: Head of the Baptist – The Pyre of Equivalence (Self Released)

Head of the Baptist is a black-infested death crust band from the North East of Belgium, formed in 2017. Following on from their 2018 demo, the group have now released the five-track EP, The Pyre of Equivalence.

Hitting extremely hard with their opening track, Succumb. Head of the Baptist make their bad intentions perfectly clear. The chaotic energy, blackened fury, and death-infused massacre is initially quite startling but as it goes on, the group start to show their layers off as the tempo shifts. Fans of the extreme will lap this up.

Likewise, with Blackened Ichor, In the Wake Of, and The Gutter. Each track offering up countless reasons to bang your head, gurn, and grimace with the intensity on the show. Head of the Baptist are a nasty sounding bunch but the execution of their ideas is not amateurish in any way. In fact, across these tracks, they showcase a high degree of understanding how to combine abrasive heaviness, vary the tempos in exciting ways, and all with an infectious structure.

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They’re a talented bunch and the title track is the definite stamp that proves it. Especially as it goes over 6-minutes and features some intriguing experimentation with the formula heard up to this point.

Head of the Baptist – The Pyre of Equivalence Track Listing:

1. Succumb
2. Blackened Ichor
3. In The Wake Of
4. The Gutter
5. The Pyre of Equivalence


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Head of the Baptist - The Pyre of Equivalence (Self Released)
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