EP Review: Hate Manifesto – Herald of Triumph (Helter Skelter Productions)

One of Greece’s best-kept secrets, Hate Manifesto formed in 2003 but, so far, have an extremely sparse discography. However, what they lack in quantity, they more than double-up on in quality.

Hate 2

To Those Who Glorified Death, their debut album from 2017 – which Helter Skelter re-released on a worldwide scale in early 2018 – displayed the shockingly extreme force with which Hate Manifesto could create their whirlwind of martial black/death. But with the aptly titled Herald of Triumph do they fully display the armament of their potential. Comprising four fierce ‘n’ fiery tracks in a swift ‘n’ decisive 17 minutes, Herald of Triumph is full-on shock & awe.

Herald of Triumph will be released on CD, 10″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats via Helter Skelter on June 24th 2019.

Shock & awe is apt as the four tracks that make up Herald of Triumph will leave most dazed and confused. Hate Manifesto’s extreme metal assault is eye-watering, ear-bleeding and bowel-loosening heaviness. Four tracks that don’t let up for even a second as feral aggression, unrestrained hate and righteous brutality is launched at force.

This level and consistency is not for the faint-hearted and the gross gurgles of the vocals mixed with the pummelling riffs is enough to leave most feeling queasy. Extreme metal at its most basic but not ineffective. Simply put each effort batters away at the senses until there is nothing left but to give your undivided attention to the hate.

It’s worth every single second though as Hate Manifesto play out of their skins here. An EP deserving of your time and focus, it’s a strong extreme metal release in a year dominated by strong extreme metal releases.

Hate 1

Hate Manifesto – Herald of Triumph Full Track Listing:

1. Herald of Triumph
2. Scourge of the Iron Beast
3. Perpetual Glorification of the Eternal Symbols
4. The Deification of Your Extinction




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Hate Manifesto - Herald of Triumph (Helter Skelter Productions)
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