EP Review: Grimorte – Esoteric Ascendance (Self Released)

Grimorte are a two-piece project consisting of Kieran Scott of Ashen Crown on vocals and Lewis Borthwick of Archierophant instrumentation/production. This project is bordering between the atmospheric, black/death metal and doom genres and has plenty for those musically eclectic.

The ethos of Grimorte is to explore the dark esoteric mystics that surround Aleister Crowley and the occult. ‘Esoteric Ascendance’ is the debut four track EP narrative of a woman’s journey into being lulled into the esoteric pagan and Satanist practices of the golden dawn revealing her transition from innocence to possession, then to reawaken to find her new self believed demonic form. It is out on October 31st 2020.

Combining forces, two powerhouses of the UK scene bring forth a dark and troubling doom release with all the horror that atmospheric black and death metal can muster. Beginning with the aptly titled The Procession. Aptly titled because of how it marches along delivering death defying brutality in a slow and methodical way. It’s icy cold and rich in detail, the star being the outstanding vocals of Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown).

Sequestrate builds on that with a ton more fire and brimstone, layered with haunting and depressing atmosphere. A much beefier effort, the combined worlds of music begin to really show themselves here. Whereas the title track saps all the energy out of things with a molasses covered doomy drawl that is just a touch more melodic then anything else found here and is welcome relief.

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Although, it’s not like Grimorte’s debut overstays its welcome by any stretch. Firvir signalling the end with something a bit more lavish sounding. That coming from the chanting that dominates the first minute before the duo really lean into the blacker side of their music for something that has old-school heaviness but put alongside modern atmospheres for an attractive finale.

The combined skills of the duo has proven to be very fruitful indeed.

Grimorte – Esoteric Ascendance Full Track Listing:

1. The Procession
2. Sequestrate
3. Esoteric Ascendance
4. Firvir


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Grimorte - Esoteric Ascendance (Self Released)
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