EP Review: Grief Ritual – Moments of Suffering (Self Released)

Grief Ritual, as abrasive and emotionally uninhibited as their name suggests, offer up blisteringly heavy yet haunting blackened hardcore that is as ambitious and innovative as it is raw and suffocating.

Their music melds elements of modern hardcore, metalcore, post-metal, grindcore and the atmospheric darkness of third-wave black metal to create a genre fluid sound that can shift from chaotic sledgehammer intensity to bleak ethereal funeral gloom inside the space of one song.

Their second EP ‘Moments of Suffering’ further showcases their brutally aggressive yet hauntingly immersive and dynamic sound and is due for release on the 25th October 2019.

Grief 1

Bloody hell…winning the crown for the most intense listen of 2019, Grief Ritual’s Moments of Suffering is 5 tracks of eye-watering, ear-bleeding and bowel clenching heaviness. The UK up and comers are on absolute fire here and it’s not always about being fast and in your face.

Take the latter part of Soma for example. The dread that track instils as it gets deeper and darker is simply fantastic.

Mind you, when they do let loose, which is more often then not, it’s spectacular. Picking a favourite track is impossible, they’re all so damn good. Maybe at a stretch…Dysphoria just because of the post-like guitar rhythm that crops up.

Possibly the best EP of the year.

Grief Ritual – Moments of Suffering Full Track Listing:

1. Avulsion
2. Soma
3. Anhedonia
4. Dysphoria
5. Eosophobic


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Grief Ritual - Moments of Suffering (Self Released)
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