EP Review: Grid – Human Collapse Syndrome (Discouraged Records)

The 8 track EP by Swedish grindcore band, Grid comes in at just over 11 minutes long & is an intense blast of metal. Human Collapse Syndrome was released on May 15th 2017 via Discouraged Records.

Grid 2

It’s not an easy task to describe Human Collapse Syndrome, it’s a hyper intense EP with screeching guitars, disjointed & angry vocals alongside the unbridled fury of hardcore drum beats.

If you’re not already a fan of grindcore, you’re not likely to get much out of this EP. It’s a hail of noise with occasional hooky moments such as the ending to Sluta Grat when the intensity drops to allow a bit more rhythm & clarity.

Music like this works best when it’s short with quick blasts to the head. Human Collapse Syndrome delivers that with the 28 second title track that looks to rip your brain out via your ears.

However there are some longer tracks that focus on a more guttural vocal style. Fooled, in particular, coming at the end of the EP is a harsh sounding piece of grinding metal. It’s got some meaty riffs that have a more methodical pace, far easier to pick out & far more enjoyable.

Human Collapse Syndrome finishes on the high-energy Out of Air, an absolutely furious smashing of instruments. The aggression here is unmatched by anything heard so far, an ending that puts the exclamation point on a hell of statement.

Grid 2

Grid – Human Collapse Syndrome Full Track Listing:

1. Agree to Serve
2. Sulta Grat
3. Human Collapse Syndrome
4. Privilege the Poor
5. Debt
6. Constant Defeat
7. Fooled
8. Out of Air

You can find out more about Grid over on their website & listen to the EP through Apple Music below. You can also check the band out on Facebook & Instagram.


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Grid - Human Collapse Syndrome (Discouraged Records)
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