EP Review: Grevia – Misophonic (Lethal Scissor)

The noise of the world is endless. A continuous stream of cruelty, arrogance, selfishness and greed is vomited into your ears, poisoning your soul. The babble of vacuous, pointless, stupidity is a constant, worthless white noise simmering all around you – an unrelenting attack on your brain, eating your intelligence, drowning your dreams in shit. You’re consumed by it or you fight it and if you fight it you can find your mind dancing on the edge of the abyss, pushed beyond the boundaries of sanity by rage and desperation. In a world without silence you can only hope to block out the horror with an even louder scream, the roar of uncompromising grind!

Misophonia is a disorder sometimes known as ‘sound rage’ which produces negative responses in sufferers to certain sounds – sometimes thoughts, sometimes emotions, sometimes even coupled with extreme physical reactions. Misophonic is the debut EP from Sicilian grinders Grevia, a six track explosion of furious grindcore blended with ferocious death metal. Whether its pure, enraged sonic violence will save you from being driven to distraction by the noise of humanity or simply accelerate you over the edge, into madness, remains to be seen…

It is out on the 12th September via Lethal Scissor.



Prepare for a shotgun blast to the face as the 6 tracks of Grevia’s Misophonic are legitimately fuelled by nothing but rage and disgust. An EP that is a blistering combination of death metal and grindcore. The end result is a piece of savagery that horrifies but perhaps the most frightening thing is that you might find yourself enjoying it.

This is brutality at its most intense but the sharpness of the riffs cuts through making it much more palatable. At least when the vocals aren’t trying to rip your skin from your flesh or the percussion grind your bones into dust.

If you’re a regular listener of this style of metal, you’ll know what to expect with this release but it doesn’t stop it being any less impactful.


Grevia – Misophonic Full Track Listing:

1. Marked Bodies
2. 091
3. Even Open Hole
4. Nu Clear
5. Consumed
6. No Escape


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Grevia - Misophonic (Lethal Scissor)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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