EP Review: Good Cop – No Country for the Young (Prank Monkey Records)

‘No Country for the Young’ is the new EP from Hertfordshire based chaotic hardcore anarchists Good Cop. Out on January 12th, 2024, via Prank Monkey Records. Good Cop blend elements of hardcore punk, grindcore, emo, and metallic hardcore, along with politically charged lyrics reflecting the bands anarcho-socialist perspective and working-class rage.

Say hello to Good Cop, they have something to say and you best be f**king listening.

No Country for the Young has five tracks and each is stuffed with raw and raucous levels of hardcore noise. The five-piece lack refinement but deliver a memorable example of up-and-coming fury that is simply impossible to ignore. A major part of that coming from the fact that they are willing to genre-bend, which gives their hardcore intensity a fresher feel.

Although the lack of refinement isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this EP was recorded live and you certainly get the sense that this is how chaotic this band is in the flesh.

It’s the sign of a good release, when the moment it ends, you just want to listen to it again. Although, that is also because it’s only around 12-minutes long. This band gets in, f**ks things up, and gets out. All with this ‘emo’ edge that makes for a much more cathartic release. As young representees of this scene, they are going to turn a lot of heads. Hell, Hunting Party alone, will do that.

There’s enough here to leave a good impression, and the expectation based off how forceful they are, is that they are only going to get better as they go on.

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Good Cop – No Country for the Young Track Listing:

1. I Identify as a Death Threat
2. Nice Shot, Nancy Boy!
3. Hunting Party
3. 241 @ Dignitas
4. Ol’ Yeller Got the Drop on Me
5. Minimum Rage


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Good Cop – No Country for the Young (Prank Monkey Records)
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