EP Review: Goat Monsoon – Living Hell (Self Released)

Hail the goat. Worship the riff. Essex’s Goat Monsoon have a brand-new EP to enjoy. It’s called ‘Living Hell’ and will be released on July 15th, 2023.



Regular purveyors of the goat will be very familiar with a couple of tracks from this EP. Goat Monsoon having released them sporadically over the past seven to eight months. One such track is Pills and it opens this EP.

A kick-ass track that grooves and moves with plenty of energy. The riffs are infectious, the bass hooks are wonderfully thick, the drums thump away and the vocals are brimming with intensity. It’s such a head-banger but one of four absolute head-bangers.

Up next is Godforsaken and Goat Monsoon are at their fuzzy, riffy and groovy best here. Impressive as it finds them being more measured and taking their time to unleash their explosive and heavier side. Which, when they do, is chaotic and churlish in all the best ways.

If you didn’t already have a big smile on your face, Living Hell will guarantee it. A furious and freaky blast of Goat Monsoon gold. Delivering thick riffs, huge bass lines, punchy drums, and growling vocals. All wrapped up with a heavy groove bow.

It’s the Goat Monsoon way and it’s extremely hard to not love every second of it.

The final track is Lord of the Hive, a near-eight-minute Goat Monsoon epic that slams you down on the ground, picks up apologetically, then slams you down again even harder. The stunning moves from frenetic metal intensity to stoner-heavy groove keeps the attention fully focused on what this track has to offer and before you’ve had a chance to take it all in, it’s over. Quite spectacular considering the length, but hey, that’s Goat Monsoon for you.

They really are one of the best bands in the UK metal scene right now.

Goat Monsoon – Living Hell Track Listing:

1. Pills
2. Godforsaken
3. Living Hell
4. Lord of the Hive


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Goat Monsoon - Living Hell (Self Released)
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