EP Review: Goat Monsoon – Fuzz & Feedback (Live At Bloodstock 2019) (Self Released)

Goat lovers everywhere…rejoice! The mighty and much-loved UK stoner/doom groove metal band Goat Monsoon have dropped a live release for us all to sink our teeth into.

Not just any live release though. Fuzz and Feedback (Live at Bloodstock 2019) is as it says, the live recording of the band’s Bloodstock 2019 performance. An incredible performance earned from winning the Essex Metal 2 the Masses throughout 2019.

Six tracks long (one of which is an intro), the majority of the set is taken from the band’s Alpha King EP. Tracks that every fan will be very familiar with and sound so immense here.

The recording is exactly what we demand from our live recordings. We want it to make us feel like we’re there and in the case of Fuzz & Feedback, take us back to that wonderful time. Listening to body-shakers and head-bangers like I was Here and Shake Me Down brings back the smells, tastes and energy that Goat Monsoon exude.

It’s a raw release but that just works so much better for a performance like this. A must buy for fans but also a great way to introduce a newbie to the cult of the Goat.

Goat Monsoon – Fuzz & Feedback (Live At Bloodstock 2019) Full Track Listing:

1. Intro (Live)
2. I Was Here (Live)
3. Shake Me Down (Like)
4. Crazy We Fall (Live)
5. Alpha Kings (Live)
6. Lord of the Hive (Live)




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Goat Monsoon – Fuzz & Feedback (Live At Bloodstock 2019) (Self Released)
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