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With Frost*’s latest album, “Falling Satellites”, dating back to 2016, it was about time, mastermind Jem Godfrey teamed up with Nathan King and John Mitchell to continue forging daring and dynamic progressive music.

Completed back in 2019, Frost* now announce the release of the stunning 32 minutes long “Others – EP”. Jem Godfrey states:

Others is a 6 track EP containing 6 songs that were written at the time of the “Falling Satellites” album. Initially the idea was that “Falling Satellites” would be a double album, but it felt more focused and concise as a single album by the time we’d finished making it, so these half-completed songs were put to one side. Now finished and mixed, they are ready to see the light of day!

The EP will be released digitally on June 5, 2020 and will be released as part of the limited “13 Winters” anthology-artbook physically later this year.

More Frost* far sooner than you might expect is never a bad thing and although it might initially seems as though Others is an EP made up of ‘cutting room floor’ tracks, it is actually an EP that can sit alongside the progressive rock legends back catalogue proudly.

As eclectic as you might expect, the electronica dance beat of Fathers begins things with style. Before Clouda adds some melodramatic etherealness to proceedings and Exhibit A shows off high-energy catchiness.

Be warned though, if you hate your electronica then this isn’t going to be for you.Although few will be able to deny just how pretty Fathom is or how weird Eat sounds.

It all culminates in the airiness of Drown, the most pleasing track of the bunch simply by how it captures the feeling of floating through the nothingness.

Frost* – Others Full Track Listing:

1. Fathers
2. Clouda
3. Exhibit A
4. Fathom
5. Eat
6. Drown


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Frost* - Others (InsideOutMusic)
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