EP Review: Fortune Teller – Premonitions (Self Released)

Born late 2022 and coming at you from the striking and rugged Rhondda Valleys in South Wales, pop punk crew Fortune Teller will release their debut EP, ‘Premonitions’, on March 29th, 2024.

Fortune Teller have arrived and with them comes an arsenal of infectious pop-punk anthems. Where familiarity meets a robust instrumental section that gives them a heavier sound overall. Credit where credit is due, Fortune Teller sound quite fresh, which is no easy task when you consider how played out the pop-punk sound is.

Few fans expect originality, so all you can hope for is someone who absolutely nails the feeling and that’s what Fortune Teller do with five super-infectious, energetic, heartfelt, and memorable efforts. The only way you could come away disliking what is on offer here is if you have a severe aversion to pop punk in general, but even then, the punchy and animated rhythms will impress.

Its far too easy to call anything and everything pop punk related, anthemic. After all, the style breeds it, and only in the rarest cases can an entire release live up the description. Guess what? Premonitions lives up to it.

A band with a bright future ahead of them.

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Fortune Teller – Premonitions Track Listing:

1. Starting Again
2. Drop The Act
3. Problematic
4. What A Shame
5. Jump Ship


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Fortune Teller - Premonitions (Self Released)
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