EP Review: Forever Autumn – Crowned in Skulls (Self Released)

Haunting, avant-garde act Forever Autumn are preparing to unleash their new EP ‘Crowned in Skulls’ on the 3rd of February 2023.

Forever Autumn mastermind Autumn Ni Dubhghaill comments:

Crowned in Skulls is a haunting return to the deep magicks of Forever Autumn. It is a ritual unto itself, yet piece to a greater whole. I am honour’d to share this werke and hope it reaches those that need its medicine.

Acoustic folk melodies utilising an array of instruments, spectral atmosphere, darkened ambience, and unearthly vocal howls. Forever Autumn is a bit of a revelation in the avant-garde/folk metal world. The Forest and the Nyght showcasing both the pagan-esqe drama and acoustic darkness impressively. Especially as it features guest vocals from the legendary Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride.

There’s no time to let that one sit though as Death Folk is frantic and tense, 45 seconds of intense instrumentation and vocal shrieks and cries.



Before a fresh level of uncomfortable discordance and beguiling devilry comes in the form of Incense and Deer Skulls. One of the more atmospheric tracks on the EP, because of how darkly and weighty it sits on the mind. Especially when it starts to speed up near the end, allowing For Autumn to transition into Dried Herbs in Water.

The longest and most elaborate track on the EP. Here, Forever Autumn combines relaxing and serene soundscapes with gradual shifts into more dangerous sounding locales. Incredibly layered, this is a transformative track and holds the attention tightly as it shifts and shimmers mysteriously.

The EP is then wrapped up with Under Shadows of Annwn, the prettiest and warmest track of all. Peaceful melodies, soft singing, and a mellow tone overall lets the EP drift away dreamily.

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Forever Autumn - Crowned in Skulls (Self Released)
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