EP Review: Flayed Disciple – A Hell In Living Flesh (Bethlam Records)

Flayed Disciple have been away too long. Now reunited with drummer Phil Tolfree, whose vicious beats propelled the sonic violence of debut album Death Hammer and now featuring the massive vocal roar of former Burning Skies man Merv Hembrough, Flayed Disciple hit us with their brand-new EP, A Hell in Living Flesh. Due to be released on April 22nd, 2022 via Bethlam Records.

Skull crushing bedlam, Flayed Disciple make their much-anticipated return with an EP of unadulterated, unforgiving death and thrash metal. An EP that makes a blistering impact from the very first seconds to the very last.

Calling A Hell in Living Flesh brutal is doing the intense noise that Flayed Disciple deliver a bit of a disservice. This unit go absolutely hell for leather, combining thrash speed with death metal savagery. Delivering some of the most scathing riffs that extreme metal can, pounding the bones into dust with demanding bass and drums, and spitting up acidic horror with the vocals.

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That Flayed Disciple don’t rush and, in some cases,, such as Arch Contaminator (1985) and The Dark Other, they go above and beyond with an excess of overwhelming ruthlessness, is all the more impressive.

It’s going to snap your neck, pulverise the muscles into mush and leave you curled up in a ball crying for forgiveness, but it will have been worth it.

Flayed Disciple – A Hell in Living Flesh Full Track Listing:

1. I Am Leviathan
2. Warmaster
3. Arch Contaminator (1985)
4. Flayed Disciple
5. The Dark Other


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Flayed Disciple - A Hell In Living Flesh (Bethlam Records)
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