EP Review: Fight For Friday – Someone You Could Trust (Self Released)

Due to be released on May 11th 2018, Someone You Could Trust is the new EP from pop-punk/rock band, Fight for Friday.

Friday 2

Feel good, it’s two words that are often associated with pop-punk and for good reason. When you think of the sub-genre you think of warm weather and good times even if it’s not your particular favourite style of music.

Hitting that feel good factor is essential for any pop-punk band as the last thing you want to be thinking after listening to a record is… that was dreary. Thankfully, this is not a problem that Fight for Friday suffer from especially as they lean more towards the rock side of things.

Life Hits You Hard is a catchy and upbeat start enhanced by an exciting breakdown that hits right near the end. Take It Or Leave It follows suit by bringing thrilling guitar rhythm and a great sounding drop and build before I Feel Bad But You Should Feel Worse really ups the guitar game of the band. A killer riff introduces things before a simplified drum beat takes over along with the melodic clean vocals. It’s as bouncy as you can possibly get, the kind of the song that makes you walk with a little more spring in your step.

The penultimate track, Target Practice doesn’t halt the momentum with its amazing bass lines before Headache finishes things up in wonderful melodic style. The final track on an excellent pop-punk/rock release has all the elements heard so far but is also drips in emotion. It’s proof that Fight for Friday have plenty more in their arsenal.

Very impressive.



Friday 1

Fight for Friday – Someone You Could Trust Full Track Listing:

1. Life Hits You Hard
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. I Feel Bad But You Should Feel Worse
4. Target Practice
5. Headache

You can pick up Fight for Friday’s music over on Bandcamp, via Spotify and via Apple Music below. Find out more and keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page, following them on Instagram and checking out their videos on YouTube.


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Fight For Friday - Someone You Could Trust (Self Released)
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