EP Review: Fear of Falling – Breaking Point (Self Released)

Breaking Point is the debut EP from Fear Of Falling, a hard rock band hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. Having officially formed in early 2021, the quartet is already gaining the attention of rock fans and industry heavy weights alike, both locally and abroad. Breaking Point will be released on May 28th, 2021.

The brainchild behind the band is guitarist Lloyd Timcke, alongside bass player Brendon McCaig, drummer Dale Schnettler and vocalist Jack Atlantic. Together, the unit have produced a quality slab of hard rock for the modern times.

Sex as a Weapon begins in morose and melodic fashion, building up dramatically to an expulsion of heavy rock noise. Wandering guitar work, rhythmic drums and of course, smooth and powerful vocals. The self-titled track then keeps things in familiar territory, the melodic guitars playing off the touching vocal performance nicely. Before Fake It has Fear of Falling get a bit more intense with heavier bursts that exude rock power. Nice and energetic when it needs to be.

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There’s a lot to enjoy in the first half of the EP and plenty more to come in the second half. Kicking off with the heartfelt Numb the Pain, a powerful effort; both lyrically and within the melody. One that truly captures the imagination. It’s followed by the girth and weight of End of Days. Where Fear of Falling produce a high-energy effort with a massive sounding chorus.

Which brings us to the end and the momentous finale of Won’t Let Go. One last burst of excitement, at least until the next release.

Fear of Falling – Breaking Point Full Track Listing:

1. Sex as a Weapon
2. Fear of Falling
3. Fake It
4. Numb the Pain
5. End of Days
6. Won’t Let Go


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Fear of Falling - Breaking Point (Self Released)
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