EP Review: Fange – Poigne (Throatruiner Records)

A mere few weeks after the release of their third album “Pudeur”, Fange twists the knife deeper with “Poigne”, four new machine-driven tracks that push the envelope of their noisier, more industrial works. It will be released on August 14th 2020 via Throatruiner Records.

Delivering an absolute wall of industrial noise, Fange are not going to be for everyone even if what they produce here is some of the heaviest music you’ll hear. So discordant, so dystopian and so despondent, the 4 tracks are hopelessly harsh.

Yet, they are darkly appealing.

Perhaps it is the grandiose feel it has or the feeling of hurtling through a frictional world that is all sharp colours and headache-inducing sounds? Maybe it’s just the teeth-chattering and bowel rumbling noise of it all?

Whatever it is, it calls to a murky part of the human psyche.

Fange – Poigne Full Track Listing:

1. Les Jours Azurs
2. Flamme Mourante
3. D’Un Désarroi L’Autre
4. Géhenne


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Fange – Poigne (Throatruiner Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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