EP Review: Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy (Self Released)

Fall are a melodic-metal outfit from Corpus Christi, TX. Formed in 2010, they have since become a force to be reckoned with in the South Texas music scene. Now Fall presents to all The Dreamer of Tragedy, a collection of four songs crafted (and for the first time) written by the band as a whole.

The EP will be released on December 21st 2018.

Fall 2


Leaning more towards the melodic side of things with mostly clean vocals, this four track EP is interesting, albeit flawed. Those flaws surround the lack of really exciting stuff coming out of Fall. They follow a formula that is very familiar to fans of this style of music as they switch from melodically driven choruses on Ascend to faster, more metal verses. It’s only really the solo that sparks a bit of life into it.

Defender fares better thanks to some chunkiness in the chorus although again, the melody and effect-section of the vocals really doesn’t do much. It’s not that it’s bad because it really isn’t, it’s just a bit bland and there is every likelihood that this will get a play or two before being forgotten about.

It’s with trepidation that it is the 8 minute long Longing Spirits that is next but there is a number of new ideas thrown out here that makes this track rise up. For starters, there is more focus on a hardcore style of vocals and the melody takes more of a backseat to some hefty riffs, chugging hooks and inventive effects. This is more like it!

Wrapping up with Heir to Silence, it’s good to see Fall really come together to deliver a much more satisfying melodic metal finale. Look no further for the moment the track opens up the heaviest segment of the entire EP.

Fall 1

Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy Full Track Listing:

1. Ascend
2. Defender
3. Longing Spirits
4. Heir to Silence



You can order the EP via Bandcamp and find out more by liking Fall’s Facebook Page.


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Fall - The Dreamer of Tragedy (Self Released)
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