EP Review: Evulse – Call of the Void (Godz Ov War Productions)

Disgusting death metal from Oakland, California with members of Mortuous, Swamp Witch and Augurs. Evulse will release their new EP ‘Call of the Void’ on the Febuary 15th 2019 via Godz Ov War Productions.

Evulse 2

Sometimes we are all filled nothing more then ferocity and hate. For most it’s a passing moment not acted on but for others it’s the only way to be. A way of life for the likes of Evulse and showcased immeasurably on Call of the Void.

Just four tracks of vile, twisted and nightmarish death metal. You’re not allowed to be comfortable while this EP plays. It’s every ache that exists in old bones, it’s every sore that begs to be prodded, every scab that screams to be itched and every wound that oozes blood.

Barely 15 minutes long the beast, Hypochondria comes bouncing up to us with nothing but fire and death in its eyes. Hideous Mound opens its mouth wide showing us sharpened teeth that drip with hungry intentions. While the title track should be what rends flesh from bone but instead playfully delays the horrendous ending in store.

Such intensity delivered without barely a vocal in sight. Such is the power Evulse possess. It’s with the relief that Agoraphobia puts us out of our misery. The freedom is bliss as we sink into nothing, only to find that in the darkness Evulse wait.

Evulse 1

Evulse – Call of the Void Full Track Listing:

1. Hypochondria
2. Hideous Mound
3. Call of the Void
4. Agoraphobia



You can order the EP now via Bandcamp.


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Evulse - Call of the Void (Godz Ov War Productions)
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