EP Review: Eschatos – Mære (Self Released)

Latvian experimental black metal band, Eschatos will release their new EP ‘Mære’ on December 1st 2017.

Eschatos 1

The faint melody that builds in impact immediately displays the more experimental side of Eschatos before it flares into a much heavier style. The marrying of softer vocals with throat shredding nastiness works really well & Kristiana Karklina has an impressive range.

The unconventional style of black metal is as much about bringing the bubbling pot of melody to the boil.

The 2nd track comes in at nearly 15 minutes. The Night of the White Devil (Part I, II & III) unsurprisingly is a journey, one that delights in affecting the soul. A hopeless intro where vocals are screamed out desperately. It leads into a deadening metal rhythm that shows a careful amount of imagination. However, when Eschatos do bring the black metal to the forefront it still fulfils all the requirements that a person would want from that sound.

The lengthy runtime does fly by. It doesn’t feel like a near 15 minute track thanks to the many different directions it goes off in. An impressive release from Eschatos, it might only be two tracks but they really do themselves proud.

Eschatos 2

Eschatos – Mære Full Track Listing:

1. Luminary Eye Against the Sky
2. The Night of the White Devil (Part I, II & III)

You can order the EP now over on Bandcamp & listen to earlier releases on SoundCloud as well as watch videos on YouTube. Find out more about Eschatos by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Twitter & Instagram.

Eschatos - Mære (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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