EP Review: Empire Warning – Destiny (Self Released)

The groove metal powerhouse known as Empire Warning will release their highly anticipated new EP, ‘Destiny’ on March 29th, 2024.

I’ve been really looking forward to this, and even though I’ve had my grubby hands on these tracks for a while, they still sound fresh as all hell many listens later. Empire Warning have grown so much as a band, really finding their place now in the metal world, and proving to be a guaranteed head banger of a band, be it on record or in the live environment.

That head banging guarantee is evident from the very start of this EP, as the Candyman inspired Be My Victim looks to gut you. Intense, groovy, fast, and horror-laden, it’s the showcase of a band having developed over the years while not losing what everyone loves about them. This is going to be one of their most beloved tracks for years to come.

Like everyone, Empire Waring were massively affected by the COVID pandemic period, and it’s that upheaval and life’s unpredictable shifts that serves as inspiration for the title track. A savage direction, that has deeper death metal groove, but hits an anthemic high in the chorus. The riff/drum combination is meaty as f**k.

Although as far as manic heaviness goes, there’s nothing better than Just Run on this EP. The ripping guitar work, aggressive drumbeats, and fierce vocal performance is thrilling, but again, the chorus just lifts it that little bit higher. Another one that you can be sure is going to slay in the live environment.

For all their anthemic metal qualities, it should never be forgotten that Empire Warning have depth to their sound and the emotive Peace in the Pain is an excellent showcase of this. The loss of a loved one is beyond relatable, in particular the grieving process, and Empire Warning share their thoughts and feelings in robust groove-infused fashion. A very powerful listen, delivering brilliantly timed tone shifts, and leaving the listener feeling breathless.

Finally, it’s Sands of Time, and Empire Warning putting an emphatic exclamation point on the EP with a track that is wild. Reflecting the confusion and worries of the past few years. It’s discombobulating at first, as all the elements of Empire Warning crash and smash together in a manic mess of speed and heaviness. It does settle comfortably in the mind as it goes on though, and the chorus acts like an anchor. It’s beast of a closing track, and is Empire Warning at their most intense sounding.

Brilliant. Five absolute bangers that are interesting and exciting. Their growth is made abundantly clear across the EP and the future is looking brighter than ever. They deserve the success that this EP will hopefully bring them.

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Empire Warning – Destiny Track Listing:

1. Be My Victim
2. Destiny
3. Just Run
4. Peace In The Pain
5. Sands Of Time


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Empire Warning - Destiny (Self Released)
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