EP Review: Electron – Hollow (Self Released)

Modern metalcore heavyweights, Electron are back with a brand-new EP called ‘Hollow’. It will be released on May 24th, 2024.

To sum up Electron and what they offer on this new EP comes down to just one word, and that is anthemic. The three-piece have worked hard to craft a sound that has widespread appeal, even if it sits in the heavy camp. They’re part of the new breed of metalcore bands following a tried and tested formula, for better or worse.

What they lack in innovation, they make up for with anthemic value and each track on this EP has infectious moments. It’s not always the most exciting of listens, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality release, because it is. Especially when it comes to variety in tones, notable with the first two track, Burning Inside and The Unbound.

The former is a taut bounce along with some hefty riffs, a big sounding chorus, and a screaming guitar solo. Whereas the latter has a slower and more melodic tempo, with dark atmosphere, and just enough crunchy moments to keep the head-banging. With these first two tracks, the definition of Electron is there for all to see.

The full-on pep is back with aplomb on the vigorous Tame, a track that grooves with an effective amount of intensity. Before the title track showcases some alternative rock vibes for even more catchiness. The EP then wrapping up with an effectively explosive melody-laced head-banger called Loathe. Electron putting the emphatic exclamation point on their sound, which will massively appeal to many.

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Electron – Hollow Track Listing:

1. Burning Inside
2. The Unbound
3. Tame
4. Hollow
5. Loathe


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Electron - Hollow (Self Released)
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