EP Review: Drakkar – Cold Winter’s Night (My Kingdom Music)

Cold Winter’s Night is the 7th release of Italian Power Metal band, Drakkar, An epic journey through powerful riffs and soaring melodies. It will be released on April 27th 2018 via My Kingdom Music.

Drakkar 2

Delivering a masterclass in what power metal is and should be, Drakkar’s 3 track (4 including a live track) is filled with huge thumping riffs, clever use of symphonic elements and delicious vocals. Cold Winter’s Night begins things at a lower tempo but still manages to get the blood pumping. Perfect for what follows with Black Sails and Leviathan Rising (Death from the Depths – Part 1).

The faster and groovier tunes really shows just what Drakkar can do. It’s fist in the air, chest-thumping stuff. The chorus of the former is simply killer and the solo near the end of the latter is mind-blowing.

A fantastic little EP wraps up with a live rendition of Invincible. A great showcase of just how Drakkar’s sound comes across in the live environment.

Drakkar 1

Drakkar – Cold Winter’s Night Full Track Listing:

1. Cold Winter’s Night
2. Black Sails
3. Leviathan Rising (Death from the Depths – Part 1)
4. Invincible (Live)

You can order the EP via My Kingdom Music here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out Drakkar’s website here. Also check them out on FacebookInstagram and their videos on YouTube.

Drakkar - Cold Winter's Night (My Kingdom Music)
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