EP Review: Distant – Dawn Of Corruption (Unique Leader)

Distant, a 6-piece crushing down-tempo slam-infused deathcore band, hail from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Bratislava, Slovakia. The band are set to release Dawn of Corruption via Unique Leader on October 23rd 2020.

Dawn of Corruption is a dark descent into the depths of the kingdom of Tyrannotophia – the realm of the doomed and the sound of the world’s damnation. The kingdom is on the brink of falling and a new era is about to begin. Escaping from the darkness, all of the wretched creatures are on a hunt for its crown.

Honourable guests on this release are Jason “Slam King” Evans of Ingested and Mendel bij de Leij formerly known as guitarist of Aborted.

Leaving you well and truly desperate for more, Distant bring the slam death gold with their latest offering. To say this is brutality on another level is to undersell it. This is one of those furious records you need to hear to full appreciate the nauseating level of viciousness involved.

The intro of Hull of Crows tells you that and then we get the title track. Where Jason Evans of Ingested (who coincidentally released one of the best slam/death releases this year) pops in to help cause utter devastation. It’s eye-watering in its vehemence but down-right addictive listening.

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Following that up with two more colossal muggings, Hellmouth and Oedipism, heads will be in pieces and necks will be aching. With Temple of Taglaroth and The Void adding the boots to turn what’s left into dust. Cruelty, thy name is Distant.

Distant – Dawn of Corruption Full Track Listing:

1. Hull of Crows
2. Dawn Of Corruption (ft. Jason Evans)
3. Hellmouth
4. Oedipism
5. Temple Of Taglaroth (ft. Mendel bij de Leij)
6. The Void


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Distant - Dawn Of Corruption (Unique Leader)
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