EP Review: Deus Vermin – MMXXII (Self Released)

Blackened death metal band, Deus Vermin return after a two-year hiatus with a new line-up and new material to continue their campaign of musical destruction. Their new EP, MMXXII is out now.

The thickest and most suffocating type of blackened death metal, Deus Vermin announce their return with aplomb on this new EP. Where crushing darkness envelops the soul, the mind suffers and it begins to take an inevitable physical toll. All this, and more, across four tracks.

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It has got some serious oomph, something that the new line-up has brought forward. Yet, there is some obvious difference between the Deus Vermin of old and the Deus Vermin of now. For starters, this record has a more refined sound. For sure, it’s aggressive and noisy. but the structure is so much more rhythmic. Deus Vermin are playing with a blistering intensity that has an incredible level of focus. Dare it even be said, the EP has atmosphere.

Dark atmosphere, but to get from a short EP designed to rip your face off, is very impressive.



It’s also a welcome experience to hear a decent amount of variety throughout. Differing tempos, energetic flurries, more measured attacks of savagery and some experimentation. As far re-announcing themselves goes, Deus Vermin have delivered one hell of a shout with this EP.

Deus Vermin – MMXXII Full Track Listing:

1. Mute
2. Vision
3. Coward
4. Harm


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Deus Vermin – MMXXII (Self Released)
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