EP Review – Departures by Death Will Tremble (Self Released)

Death Will Tremble are a five piece from Austin, Texas. They have just released a stand alone single called Departures. Departures is a powerful, depressive and emotional song in which the band detail their spiral into depression and through grief at the loss of the vocalist and guitarist’s father.

Death Will Tremble play a form of doom/sludge metal with low tones and gritty drums. They mix the sound up with occasional bursts of hardcore/metalcore styled vocals and add a little light in the form of melodic guitar solos. Described as both heartfelt and heavy, Death Will Tremble have a powerful, emotional message running through many of their songs. They released their debut album, Mona, in 2016 and are working on the follow up to that.


In the meantime, tragic events left the band compelled to write Departures. Departures is a single track weighing in at over 14 minutes long. Death Will Tremble are brothers Hunter and Chase Townsend on vocals and guitars respectively. Jason Powell is also on guitars while Jake Archer is on the bass. Last but not least we have Robert Eskew on the drums.

As mentioned above, Departures is over 14 minutes long and is a heavy, depressive and almost claustrophobic feeling to it. It is dark and sombre, morose and emotional and really puts across the message the band felt they had to deliver. Certain to leave even the most cheerful of people feeling a little sad and introspective, Departures is not for the faint hearted.

Fuzzy, distorted riffing with long drawn out notes make up the early stages of the song. The bass sits thick and sludgy and the drums have real meat to them. The music feels like a dark cloud hanging over you as the vocals are screamed raspily with undeniable passion that really hits you. The music moves through different phases over the 14 minutes with occasional, dark but melodic guitar lines appearing over the cloud. At times it fades to almost nothingness as vocal lines are screamed, like “Pull Yourself Together” and “Won’t you stay a little longer”.

As the song nears an end the vocals start to come faster, angrier and with more speed while the riff continues to hammer home the over arching heaviness and sorrow. It is truly heart wrenching and touching song, but that isn’t the only reason why it is very good. It is musically clever and pulls on your emotions. Lyrically it is obviously very personal and will be something many people can relate to. It is very long though and that may put some people off but it deserves a listen. It really is a powerful song.

Departures is available now from all the usual streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify. You can grab a physical, vinyl edition from the band here. Find out more about Death Will Tremble at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube page.

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Departures by Death Will Tremble (Self Released)
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