EP Review: Demon Head – Rivers of Mars (The Sign Records)

Demon Head are pleased to unveil their new EP entitled The Resistance. The new release is an epilogue to the bands last album ‘Thunder on the Fields’ and contains two stories that will enthrall the listener. The first single Rivers of Mars is a haunting rock song that somehow blends the scene of a forest night with the discovery of water on the Red Planet – our closest, still unknown neighbour world.

The Resistance is the timeless narrative of the struggles and nightmares of an underground, partisan movement in the face of totalitarian power. Demon Head have crafted the music as a sinister rock soundtrack to tell this tale: our homage to those who defy tyranny.

The EP will be released on April 27th 2018 via The Sign Records.

Demon Head 2

The rocking melody and sultry vocals of Rivers of Mars gives off a nice stoner vibe albeit with a more upbeat style. The imagery that Demon Head are trying to sell you comes across well & you can feel your muscles relaxing as you listen.

The second track has a much more chilled vibe, sitting a bit quieter at the table of rock. A sinister edge to the melody makes it stand out but an echo giving off a darker & more haunting sound is what is really memorable.

It’s a great effort from Demon Head, the sound of a confident and relaxed band.

Demon Head 1

Demon Head – The Resistance Full Track Listing:

1. Rivers of Mars
2. The Resistance

You can stream Demon Head’s music on Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. You can pick up merchandise and the new release via Big Cartel. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.


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Demon Head - Rivers of Mars (The Sign Records)
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