EP Review: Deity’s Muse – Ennui (Mongrel Records)

After a busy 2019 which saw the release of their acclaimed Lungs Full EP and tours of the UK and South Africa supporting prog-metal pioneers Monuments, a headline performance at 229 in London, a festival slot at UK Tech-Fest and a support slot opening for Ukraine metal machine Jinjer, South Africa’s alternative rock colossus Deity’s Muse is back with a monstrous new EP titled ‘Ennui’.

Ennui is part two of an evolving EP trilogy concept which will coalesce into the band’s next full-length album, their first since 2016’s ‘Convergence’. Ennui will be released on October 22nd, 2021 via Mongrel Records.

A powerful and expressive start, Into the Clutches is a Deity’s Muse alternative rock epic that reaches deeply into the soul. An anthemic rhythm, the progressive side of the band is still present but the chorus is particularly powerful here.

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Patience. I have no patience for you.

Continuum gives us some of that Deity’s Muse cinematic flair alongside choppy guitar rhythm and influential melodies. One of the most thrilling tracks the band has ever put out. Before Erra delivers a memorable alt-rock number with these sudden, gut-churning heavy descents.

The final track is the coldest but also the most progressive sounding track on the EP. Deity’s Muse doing what comes easy to them but with clear growth. In fact, it has to be screamed that this band really deserves so much more attention. They continue to prove that they are one of South Africa’s premium bands and Ennui is a top release.

Deity’s Muse – Ennui Full Track Listing:

1. Into Their Clutches
2. Continuum
3. Erra
4. A Light Swallowed Me Whole


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Deity’s Muse - Ennui (Mongrel Records)
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