EP Review: Deathwish – Deathwish (Self Released)

The self-titled debut EP from Belgium based death metal/metalcore band, Deathwish was released on October 1st 2017. Five tracks of aggressive & unrelenting metal.

Deathwish 1

The EP gets started strongly with wicked sounding groove & booming bassy heaviness. Siren’s Call is a thumping opener that brings such gut-rumbling heaviness when it slows down to doom-like levels.

Legions of Doom ups the dark brutality to an even higher level, the twisted & guttural vocals mixing well with the more traditional metal riffing. There is no genre-binding here, the EP isn’t afraid to blend different aspects of metal resulting in a really exciting listen. One that demands you to head-bang through every note.

Both The Martyr Complex & VII deliver crushing death metal rhythm & blasting metal riffs. A rolling heavy fog that gathers around you leaving you disorientated & a little frightened.

This impressive EP comes to a close with the longest but most varied track of the bunch. Your Nemesis brings all the nasty groove, the bile-inducing guttural vocals, the slow beat-laden doom drops in tempo & the same high-quality riffing we’ve come to expect.

I am the inescapable, I am your nemesis!

Deathwish 2

Deathwish – Deathwish Full Track Listing:

1. Sirens’ Call
2. Legions of Doom
3. The Martyr Complex
4. VII
5. Your Nemesis

You can stream & pick up the EP via Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music below. Find out more about Deathwish on Facebook & Twitter.

Deathwish - Deathwish (Self Released)
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