EP Review: DeathCollector – Times Up (Self Released)

Spawned from the grisly depths of England and Ireland, comes that legacy and expectation of the death metal heritage that we have inherited through the fire and pain of our individual artistic experiences. Together, they are DeathCollector! Raw, Underground, Death Metal.

Featuring a wealth of talent including Andy Whale (Darkened, Ex-Memoriam, Ex-Bolt Thrower) on Drums, Mick Carey (Zealot Cult) in Guitar, Lee Cummings (Severe Lacerations) on bass and Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown, Grimorte) on vocals.

DeathCollector are proud to present their debut EP ‘Times Up’, Kieran Scott, the bands vocalist has said:

It’s a comment about the fragility of life and how easy it’s taken away from you, irrelevant of how you struggle, when your ‘Time’s Up’, you’re done.

It should probably come as no surprise, when you see the list of names involved in this project, that DeathCollector are bringing some serious meaty noise with this EP. Even less surprising when you realise it’s only 3-tracks long. DeathCollector have planned an assault and the brutality that comes from within is still startling.

Nasty. That is just one word that can be used to describe the dark and hungry sound of the instruments. Then you have the vocals… guttural horror of the most twisted kind. As vocalist of Ashen Crown and Grimorte, Kieran Scott continues to grow and grow in talent.

Of course, he is just one part of this band and there is no denying that everyone else is putting in a shift. What we have here is 3-tracks of frantic and frenzied death metal intensity. The kind that makes you gurn through the sheer force of it. The kind that makes you shift a little uncomfortably as your stomach muscles tighten.

Get in, smash shit up, get out. It’s a simple mantra but one that works to DeathCollector’s favour. Even with it only being 3-tracks long, Times Up is mentally draining. An experience well worth having over and over again though.

DeathCollector – Times Up Full Track Listing:

1. DeathCollector
2. Internal Expansion
3. Terrorizer


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DeathCollector - Times Up (Self Released)
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