EP Review: Daybreaker – Sanctuary (Self Released)

Hailing from the bleak lands of the North-West in the UK, the four-piece that is Daybreaker have been going since 2015. Their 2018 self-titled EP got them a ton of attention and helped catapult them to play Bloodstock Festival in 2019. Great stuff but that was then and now we have Sanctuary. A seven-track EP released on May 21st, 2021.

A bit groove metal, a bit metalcore, a bit death-infused but with a ton of riffs and even more energy. Daybreaker set an apocalyptic scene with the calming sounds of the seaside descending into chaos and destruction on the intro of Enter Salvation. This is the end, beautiful friend and The Redeemer makes sure the metal is well and truly cranked up now.

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Savage vocals, head-banging riffs, groovy percussion… all the parts sound great and as an opening effort, it really gets the attention. Daybreaker sound positively possessed and completely focused on causing pain and suffering.



It’s the kind of pain and suffering you’ll want to experience though as The Descent has wicked groove. A ferocious head-banger that is up there as one of Daybreaker’s best efforts to date. Whereas In Death is meaty viciousness that blazes with apocalyptic fervour and Path of the Righteous shows just how developed this band has become. This one is going to absolutely slay live.

They’re not quite done yet though. M.O.A.B demands you get those neck muscles working and Used God Salesman is a circle-pit creator if ever there was one. Two more classy metal tracks from a band that really should be turning a lot more heads. Hopefully, this is the EP that does it for them. They certainly deserve it.

Daybreaker – Sanctuary Full Track Listing:

1. Enter Salvation
2. The Redeemer
3. The Descent
4. In Death
5. Path of the Righteous
6. M.O.A.B
7. Used God Salesman


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Daybreaker - Sanctuary (Self Released)
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