EP Review: Daxx & Roxane – Drop (Self Released)

London-based heavy rockers Daxx & Roxane have returned to the fold with a new EP called ‘Drop’ featuring covers of both classic and underrated gems from French legends Téléphone, Stevie Wonder, metal god Sammy Hagar, and Florence & The Machine.

Drummer Luca Senaldi explains:

This EP is our creative release in between albums. It’s a way for us to exercise the music that inspired us and also to experiment with new recording techniques at our home studio. We didn’t want to go for any obvious covers so we learned more than 100 songs and ended up with these four tracks that really stood out in our style.

Kicking off this fun EP with a cover that is groove-infused as hell, Daxx & Roxanne channel the rock spirit of old with a cover of Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal. A beloved head-banger that has a touch of sleaze and one hell of a catchy chorus. Daxx & Roxanne breathing new life into the classic without changing the formula up too much. It’s a track that makes you smile even if it’s not too far out of the band’s wheelhouse.

Covers of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition and Florence & the Machine’s Delilah certainly change that. Daxx & Roxanne transforming the former into a riff-monster that grooves and moves while having the familiarity you would expect. Whereas the latter begins in mellower fashion before switching tact and infusing more rock and roll energy. A guaranteed floor filler that does the original justice while showcasing just what Daxx & Roxanne are about.

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Something, in regards to covers, that fans should be aware of as the final track is their already well-received cover of Téléphone’s Argent Trop Cher. A track that most fans should have heard by now but proves to be the icing on this cake. Energetic, catchy and fun. There can be no complaints about this or the EP overall.

Daxx & Roxanne – Drop Full Track Listing:

1. Heavy Metal (Sammy Hagar Cover)
2. Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover)
3. Delilah (Florence & the Machine Cover)
4. Argent Trop Cher (Téléphone Cover)




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Daxx & Roxane - Drop (Self Released)
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