EP Review: Darkstone Crows – Darkstone Crows (Self Released)

Female fronted metal…it’s a description that doesn’t really do bands justice often taking focus away from what is a tight sounding, exciting rock or metal band.

When most people hear the term now it tends to sum up one of two styles. One where you have symphonic metal like Nightwish & Within Temptation & the other where you have bands like Arch Enemy.

Two extremes with very few occupying the middle ground (at least in modern day…maybe Against Me?). That’s why Darkstone Crows are a serious breath of fresh air. Female fronted metal but with a singer that has more bite & sneer then most. Her vocal style draws comparison to rawer singers like Courtney Love but with far more quality.

The song Sidewinder in particular is a wonderful slab of hard rock music that really shows off this exciting, throat wrenching vocal style.

Not all the focus is on the singer though as the rest of the band really play their hearts out over this 4-song EP. Fathoms in particular has a lovely mix of riffs & speed with an exciting guitar solo dropped near the end. It does have to be said that the instruments (in particular, the drums) take a bit of a backseat in the mix when the vocals do come out to play.

A band well worth keeping a very close eye on.

Full Track List:

1. Hell to Pay
2. Sidewinder
3. Deadhead
4. Fathoms

If you’d like to know a bit more about the band you can check out their Facebook Page & their Bandcamp information where this EP is available for free!

You can also read an interview conducted with the band by this very site right here!

Darkstone Crows - Darkstone Crows (Self Released)
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