EP Review: Cursed Sun – Vendetta (Sudden Strike Records)

Formed in 2007, Cursed Sun are one of the longest running Metal bands in Northern Ireland. They have been a staple of the gig scene since their formation with their energetic live shows and grooving yet technical music.

This infectious energy has given them the opportunity to support such high profile names as Onslaught and Hed (P.E.) They have also appeared at SunflowerFest as well as being 3 time finalists of the Northern Ireland Metal 2 The Masses competition.

They have released 5 EPs and one album, with each being stronger than the last. Currently enjoying their strongest line-up since their formation, Cursed Sun will release a new 4 track EP called ‘Vendetta’ on November 15th 2019 on Sudden Strike Records.

The songs cover such diverse topics as serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a homage to The Purge, a Blade Runner future and revolt against oppressive government.

It is the Blade Runner related track that kicks off Vendetta. Hefty riffing, the noise that Cursed Sun make based in groove metal but with elements of death and just a touch of thrash intensity. It’s a rager of a start.

The dark topic of John Wayne Gacy comes next with Crawlspace and so does the heavy. Stepping it up an extra level, there is extra bite and extra fury to this track that will just drive you wild. So it’s nice to get a more melodramatic and darker sounding track in the form of Fallen City. Of course, it inevitably picks up as Cursed Sun change form into a more aggressive beast.

Finally a tribute to The Purge ends things. Called M.D.K. 187, this might be the most intense track of the four. Cursed Sun spitting bullets that tear through flesh and bones. The aggressive as hell stance taken on, is almost hardcore-like.

Cursed Sun – Vendetta Full Track Listing:

1. Replicant
2. Crawlspace
3. Fallen City
4. M.D.K. 187


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Cursed Sun – Vendetta (Sudden Strike Records)
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