EP Review: Cursed Blood – Taker Of Life (War Anthem Records)

War Anthem Records proudly presents the debut release of Greek’s Cursed Blood! Although a fairly new act, all four members have been involved in different bands for the last 25 years like Dead Congregation, Burial Hordes, Sarabante, Vulnus, Satan´s Wrath and Nuclear Winter.

After its initial self-release in 2019, Cursed Blood’s EP “Taker Of Life” will be officially unleashed now via War Anthem Records (Europe/World) and Creator Destructor Records (USA). Out on October 30th, 2020.

Death metal but with a raw and crusty punk edge, this is an EP that has all the hallmarks of a band waking up one day and thinking ‘let’s knock some songs out’ in one take. The six tracks that make up Taker of Life are wild, uncivilised and discernibly heavy. There’s an ill-tempered approach to Cursed Blood that gives them that punk edge even though it is very much rooted in the death metal world.

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However, there’s a ton more rhythm, listenable rhythm, to this EP and as well as finding the head banging along, you might be surprised to find the foot moving too. That possibility alone makes Taker of Life worth checking out.

Cursed Blood – Taker of Life Full Track Listing:

1. The World of Madness
2. Silent Era
3. Taker of Life
4. Nailed
5. Thorns & Nails
6. Backlash Rampage


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Cursed Blood - Taker Of Life (War Anthem Records)
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