EP Review: Crown of Ascension – Twixt Zero and Infinity (Xenoglossy Productions)

Crown of Ascension, an experimental black metal one-man band from the UK will release Twixt Zero and Infinity, the debut EP on December 4th 2020 via Xenoglossy Productions.



We love one-man projects. Technology has afforded an individual to create music from the comfort of their own home and get it out to the entire world. Some of the most unique music heard in the last few years comes from these lone artists.

Here is yet another to join those ranks. Crown of Ascension, Alexander White who is also from Vessel of Iniquity and Uncertainty Principle.

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Twixt Zero and Infinity is five tracks of experimental black metal, with strong focus on the former while being undeniably the latter. A salvo of noise, the black metal is chaotic but reined in by using unearthly and ethereal atmosphere. There is a drone-like effect to Crown of Ascension’s sound, something that gets under the skin and makes it all feel very uncomfortable. Only the screaming and howling of the vocals enough to snap you out of the malaise.

It’s like signals from another time and space, where the realisation comes that what is trying to make contact is not at all friendly. The growing feeling of dread, the goose-bumps rising on the flesh, the fight or flight feeling… it’s all caused by the muddled buzz of Twixt Zero and Infinity. However, it is far more addictive to hear then you might initially expect.

It draws you in and once it has you, there is no escaping its effects.

Crown of Ascension – Twixt Zero and Infinity Full Track Listing:

1. Hyperion
2. One Way Pendulum
3. Twixt Zero and Infinity
4. A Romance of Many Dimensions
5. Glorious Failer




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Crown of Ascension - Twixt Zero and Infinity (Xenoglossy Productions)
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